aburgaine (Aburgany)
accept of (accept)
acknouledge (acknowledge)*
acknouledgement (acknowledgement)*
aduersare (adversary)
aduization (advisedness)*
aduizing (advising)*
aff (off)
affecting (affected speech)
affraied (afraid)
affrayed (afraid)
afrayed (afraid)
againes (against)
againis (against)+
agains (against)+
aganes (against)*
aganst (against)+*
agrie (agree)
aiges (ages)
airlie (early)+
als (as)
altho (although)
amased (amazed)
amongs (amongst)
ane (an)
ane (one)
anent (about)+
aneugh (enough)
angrie (angry)
anough (enough)
ansuers (answers)
Antiphilus (Antipholus)
apprecations (prayers)
approch (approach)
ar (are)
armaignac (Arminacke)
arreigned (arraigned)
arrise (arise)
arrising (arising)
ascriued (ascribed)
a sleep (asleep)
aspecke (aspic, asp)*
associats (associates)
at ones (at once)
auncestors (ancestors)
auncient (ancient)
autolicas (Autolicus)
autoritie (authority)

Bairdes (beards)
bankeruptt (bankrupt)
barraine (barren)
barre (bar)
Bastars (bastard's, bastard is [?])
Bate (bait)+
Battell (battle)
be (by)+
beatin (beaten)*
begunne (begun)
beif (beef)*
beleef (belief)
beleefe (belief)
beleeue (believe)
benifites (benefits)
be times (betimes)
berth (birth)
betueene (between)
betuix (betwixt, between)
bevailes (bewails)*
be worre (beware)*
bicker (fight)
bodelie (bodily)
boght (bought)
bontifull (bountiful)
bot (but)+
bouels (bowels)
boutcherd (butchered)*
brauades (bravados, braggadocios)
brauetie (bravery)*
breach (break)
breach of (break off)
brecking (breaking)
breds (breeds)
brether (brothers)+
broght (brought)
brotrothed (? betrothed)
brunt (burnt)+
bruzed (bruised)
burdings (burdens)
bureing (burying)
busines (business)
bussie (busy)
but (without)
buyes (buys)

cacht (caught)
cadged (caged)
cals (calls)
camerades (comrades)
campions (champions)
cariage (carriage)
carie (carry)
carieing (carrying)
carier (carrier)
Carowssing (carousing)
carrowsing (carousing)
catch (catched, caught)
causeles (causeless)
causes use (gets...used)+
cautioner (surety)+
Chaingeable (changeable)
challange (challenge)
chamberlanes (chamberlains)*
chekt (checked)
choise (choice)
ciments (cements)
Clame (claim)+
Clawnes (clowns, peasants)*
cleered (cleared)
coast (cost)
cognised (recognised)*
colere (choler)
colerike (choleric)
collegues (colleagues)
Colours (cholers)
communicat (communicate)
compassionat (compassionate)
compleaning (complaining)+*
compleitlie (completely)*
conciled (concealed)*
condamned (condemned)
condicions (conditions)
confite (comfited, comforted)*
Confort (comfort)
congnised (See *cognised.)
coniuratours (conjurators, conspirators)
conserne (concern)
Construction (construing, explanation)
contempteous (contemptuous)*
contermines (countermines)
continouallie (continually)*
continouance (continuance)*
continowes (continues)*
contraire (contrary)*
contrare (contrary, opposite)+
contries (countries)
coosening (cozening)
Cornowall (Cornwall)
cosen (cozen)
cosenage (cozenage)
coseners (cozeners)
cosening (cozening)
Cosoning (cozening)
counsull (consul)
counterfeeted (counterfeited)
counterraisons (counter-reasons)
couragious (courageous)
courteours (courtiers)
courteslie (courteously)
courtesse (courteous)*
cowardise (cowardice)
cowardize (cowardice)
cowardlie (cowardly)
Crist (crest)
cukcold (cuckold)*
Cukcoldrie (cuckoldry)*
Cukcoo (cuckoo)
cumpanie (company)
cuntries (countries)
curres (curs)

D. (Duke)
daines (deigns)
decard (discard)
dechiphering (deciphering)*
decrie (decry)
dedicat (dedicated)
deere (dear)
deerest (dearest)
defeat (defeated)
deflored (deflowered)
degenerat (degenerate)
degries (degrees)
delicatlie (delicately)
delites (delights)
deliurance (deliverance)
descouers (discovers)*
descriued (described)+
desmedono (Desdemona)
desolat (desolate)
desperat (desperate)
desseins (designs)
deuelish (devilish)
deuores (devours)
deuote (devout)
dieing (dying)
disapointed (disappointed)
discriued (described)
disdanefull (disdainful)
disdayned (disdained)
disgest (digest)
disgestion (digestion)
dislyked (digliked)
dispaire (despair)
dispised (despised)
displeasours (displeasures)
disseins (designs)
dissention (dissension)
disserued (deserved)
Disseruing (deserving)
distaines (disdains)*
distainfull (disdainful)*
diuelish (devilish)
diuell (devil)
diuels (devils)
dochter (daughter)+
doghters (daughter's)+
doone (done)
doughter (daughter)
dowbt (doubt)
downeweyed (downweighed, depressed)
dowre (dower or dowry)
drogues (drugs)+

edders (adder's)*
eduard (Edward)
effeminat (effeminate)
egged (incited, urged)
egipt (Egypt)
elleven (eleven)
els (else)
embassadors (ambassadors)
emporours (emperour's)
encrease (increase)
endued (endowed)
engadged (engaged)
enherited (inherited)
ennemies (enemies)
ennemitie (enmity)
ennemy (enemy)
ennemye (enemy)
enterchange (interchange)
enterteane (entertain)+*
enterteanement (entertainment)+*
enued (envied)*
eshewed (eschewed)
eurie (every)*
excellentlie (excellently)
excommunicat (excommunicated)
exemes (exempts)+
exemple (example)
exercices (exercises)+
exspect (expect)
exspectation (expectation)
exspected (expected)
exspecting (expecting)
extraodiner (extraordinary)*
extraordinar (extraordinary)*
extreame (extreme)
extreamelie (extremely)
extreamer (extremer)
extreamest (extremest)
extreamitie (extremity)
ey (eye)

fained (feigned)
faint (feint)
fainte (feint)
faintlie (feignedly)
falstoffe (Falstaffe)
farre (far)
fastalffes (Falstaffes)
fastalle (Falstaffe)
fayning (feigning)
feeld (field)
feild (field)
feine (feign)
feined (feigned)
feining (feigning)
feint (faint)
feintharted (faint-hearted)
feintnesse (faintness)
femels (females)*
ferce (fierce)*
feyned (feigned)
fies (fees)
figge (fig)
find (fined)
flasches (flashes)
flees (fleece)
flie (fly)
folie (folly)
folishlie (foolishly)
foraine (foreign)
forceable (forcible)
foreine (foreign)
foresie (foresee)+
forsie (foresee)+*
freind (friend)
freindlie (friendly)
freindship (friendship)
frie (free)+
frielie (freely)
frienship (friendship)*
frier (friar)
fundation (foundation)
furth (forth)
fyve (five)

geuen (given)
Glade (glad)
gloue (glove)
greefes (griefs)
greeued (grieved)
greid (greed)*
greif (grief)
guift (gift)

habite (habit)
habitued (habituated, habitual)*
halke (hawk)*
handwrit (handwriting)
happelie (happily)
harted (hearted)
hartred (hatred)*
hasard (hazard)
hasardous (hazardous)
hatrent (hatred)+*
hawghtie (haughty) *
hawtie (haughty)
haynous (heinous)
hearbes (herbs)
herauld (herald)
hereing (glorifying, praising)*
hes (has)
hes (his)
Heynous (heinous)
hipocriticll (hypocritical)*
hoast (host, army)
Hoise (hose)+
honnour (honour)
hote (hot)

Ialousies (jealousies)
Iarres (jars)
Iaylor (gaolor)
Icolmekill (Colmekill)
Ieane La pucelle (`Ioane de Puzel')
Ieckes (?)
ignarant (ignorant)*
ill catch (caught unlawfully)
imboldnes (emboldens)
Immoderat (immoderate)
Impeeded (impeded)
Importune (importunate)
Impudicke (shameless fellow)
Inditement (indictment)
Infinit (infinite)
Infinitlie (infinitely)
Ingrat (ingrateful)
Ingrate (ingrateful)
Ingratelie (ingratefully)
Inioy (enjoy)
inscensed (incensed)
Intension (intention)
interessed (interested)*
Intirelie (entirely)
Intised (enticed)
Inuentare (inventory)
Inveyes (inveighs)
Iournay (journey)

k/ (king or king's)
keeped (kept)
kinred (kindred)
knawish (knavish)
knouledge (knowledge)

langage (language)
laufull (lawful)+
laufullie (lawfully)+
Launces (lances)
lawers (lawyers)
leacher (lecher)
leeues (lives)*
leggues (legs)
legitimat (legitimate)
liear (liar)*
lifrent (liferent)+
likes (leeks)
lippes (lips)
litle (little)
lome (loam)
loose (lose)
loosed (lost)
loosing (losing)
lope (lop)
lowd (loud)
ly (lie)
lye (lie)

madde (mad)
made (maid)
madenesse (madness)*
Magike (magic)
mainteane (maintain)+*
maior (mayor)
Makbeths (Macbeth's)
malignes (speaks evil of)
maner (manner)
Manie (many)
manours (manors)
marchands (merchants)
marchants (merchants)
mariage (marriage)
marie (marry)
maried (married)
marieing (marrying)
marre (mar)
martired (martyred)
mater (matter)
medcineable (medicinable)
melancolie (melancholy)
melancolius (melancholious)
mentaines (maintains)*
menteaned (maintained)+
merrelie (merrily)
meruellous (marvellous)
Meruelous (marvellous)
Messinger (messenger)
midewife (mid-wife)
Miracoulous (miraculous)*
mirrie (merry)+
mischeeuous (mischivous)
mischeif (mischief)
mishiefs (mischiefs)
moderatlie (moderately)
moderats (moderates)
Moe (more)
moneth (month)
monstrouous (monstrous)*
monstruous (monstrous)
monts (mounts)
murther (murder)
murtherars (murderers)
murthered (murdered)
murtherers (murderers)
murthering (murdering)
murtheror (murderer)
murtherous (murderous)
murthour (murder)+

necessar (necessary)+
Necessare (necessary)+
necessarlie (necessarily)*
neere (ne'er, never)
nevewes (nephews)
nigh (night)*
Nomber (number)
nor (than)+
Nyne (nine)

obstinat (obstinate)
obteaneth (obtains)+
of (by)
of (off)
of new (of late)
of oath (on oath)
one (on)
onelie (only)
ones (once)
ordeines (ordains)
orsinio (Orsino)
orewhelme (overwhelm)
other (each other)+
othes (oaths)
ouersweyes (oversways)
ought (aught, anything)
ourthrow (overthrow)+
owt (out)
owtiesed (outjested)*
owtliues (outlives)
owtsides (outsides)
owtspend (outspend)
owtspent (outspent)
oyle (oil)

pacience (patience)
pairtake (partake)+*
panches (paunches)
parchemin (parchment)
parlie (parley)
parliment (parliament)
participats (participates)
partie (partner in marriage)+
passionat (passionate)
passionatlie (passionately)
paterne (pattern)
pawnde (pawn)*
pearced (pierced)
pedegree (pedigree)
peerelesse (peerless)
Perfite (perfect)
perfitelie (perfectly)
Perfitest (most perfect)
perrell (peril)
perrels (perils)
perrils (perils)
peruersedlie (perversely)+
perswaded (persuaded)
perswading (persuading)
pesant (peasant)
phisick (physic)
phisicke (physic)
phisition (physician)
pirats (pirates)
pitch (pith[?])
pittileslie (pitilessly)
plaied (played)
plaiers (players)
plainelie (plainly)
plaintie (plenty)+
plane (plain)
playde (played)
pleiyes (plays)*
plesant (pleasant)
pockes (pox)
pokie (pocky)
portion (marriage portion)
pourpose (purpose)
poyson (poison)
praized (praised)
prease (press)
preasing (pressing)
preist (priest)
prelat (prelate)
president (precedent)
prest (pressed)
priuat (private)
privat (private)
proces (process, progress)
Proclamed (proclaimed)*
prononceing (pronouncing)
prophainenesse (profaneness)
propones (proposes)+
proscriued (proscribed, condemned)+*
proufe (proof)
prowde (proud)
publik (public)

Q (Queen)
Q. (Queen or Queen's)
Q/ (Queen)
querrelling (quarrelling)+
Quilles (quills)
quite (quit, abandon)

rable (rabble)
raigne (reign)
rander (render)+
Raueries (raving, delirium)
recatched (recaught)
recknings (reckonings)
reclamed (reclaimed)+
regraits (regrets)
regrate (regret)+
reither (rather)*
remede (remedy)+
remeed (remedy)+
renconter (rencounter)
renees (Reignier's)
renonced (renounced)
renowen (renown)*
reproched (reproached)
reprooued (reproved)
requit (requited)
retrait (retreat)
reuarded (rewarded)
revyling (reviling)
Ridicoulous (ridiculous)*
rigourous (rigorous)
rigourouslie (rigorously)
rippe (rip)
rodamont (rodomont, braggart)*
rote (rot, decay)
rulars (rulers)
runnes (runs)
ryming (rhyming)

sall (shall)+
sawce (sauce)
scale (maniple)
Sche (she)
sclander (slander)
scuffe (evade, shirk)
sculles (skulls)
sebastien (Sebastian)
seeles (seals)
seing (seeing)
senat (senate)
serjants (sergeants)
sevint (seventh)
sheapherds (shepherds)
sheepheard (shepherd)
shepheard (shepherd)
shew (show)
shipwrak (shipwreck)
shipwrake (shipwreck)
shoot (shot)*
shoues (shows)*
sie (see)+
sieing (seeing)+
sings (signs)+
sinne (sin)
sirres sack (Sherris-Sack)
sixt (sixth)
skinne (skin)
slooth (sloth)
soght (sought)
sommer (summer)
sonne (son)
sonnes (sun's)
sooth (soothe)
sorow (sorrow)
souffrance (sufferance)
sould (should)
souldearie (soldiery)*
souldiarie (soldiery)
souldier (soldier)
souldiership (soldiership)
souldiors (soldiers)
souldiours (soldiers)
soule (soul)
sowlelesse (soulless)
sownd (sound)
sownes (swoons)*
sowre (sour)
speaches (speeches)
speake (speech)+
squeised (squeezed)
starre (star)
statists (politicians)
stay (stop)
stiflie (stiffly)
stirre (stir)
stonnes (stones)
stowt (stout)
strekin (stricken, struck)+
strenghtned (strengthened)
stryving (striving)
subtile (subtle)
subtillie (subtly)
subtiltie (subtlety)
suddaine (sudden)
suddainlie (suddenly)
suddane (sudden)*
suffrances (sufferances)
sullenne (sullen)*
suords (swords)+
supposes (substitutes by fraud)
supreame (supreme)
surfet (surfeit)
surfetted (surfeited)
suspition (suspicion)
susteane (sustain)+*
sute (suit)
suters (suiters)
sweets (sweats)
sweied (swayed)

taker (murderer)*
talkatif (talkative)*
teached (taught)
Tedeous (tedious)
tempeth (tempteth, tempts)+
theef (thief)
theefe (thief)
theeues (thieves)
Their (there)
theire (their)
theirin (therein)
Theirs (there's)
then (than)
ther (their)
ther (there)
therafter (thereafter)
therby (thereby)
therof (thereof)
thift (theft)
thoght (thought)
thorow (thorough, through)
thred (third)+
thretned (threatened)
thrie (three)
thristing (thirsting)
throw (through)
til (till)
to (too)
tocher (dowry)+
toothake (toothache)
touards (towards)*
touchnesse (toughness[?])
toungues (tongues)
trauell (travail)
treacher (deceiver)
tribuns (tribunes)
tries (trees)
triumuirat (triumvirate)
Tromperie (trumpery)
tuentie (twenty)
tuixt (twixt, between)
tunne (ton)
tuo (two)
Twinnes (twins)
twixt (betwixt, between)

venatian (Venetian)*
Vertues (virtues)
vertuous (virtuous)
vewed (viewed)
vild (vile)
vilde (vile)
vindicatiue (vindictive)
violat (violate)
Viue (life-like)+
viuelie (lively)+
vnansuerable (unanswerable)
vnchanegeable (unchangeable)*
vndanted (undaunted)
vndertane (undertaken)
vndoo (undo)
vnexspected (unexpected)*
vnfained (unfeigned)
vnhappelie (unhappily)
vnlaufull (unlawful)
vnparalled (Unparalleled)
vnperceaued (unperceived)
vnrestable (uncheckable)
vnvoluntar (unvoluntary)+
volues (wolf's)+
vtter roome (outer room)
vulgare (vulgar)+
vyldest (vildest, vilest)

waes (woes)+
warie (wary)
warre (war)
warre (make war upon)
weerie (weary)
weght (weight)
wemen (women)
Wes (was)
weyed (weighed)
wherin (wherein)
wherof (whereof)
whoores (whores)
whoorish (whorish)
wickelie (wickedly)*
wils (wills)
winne (win)
withowt (without)
wodden (wooden)
woing (wooing)
wond (wound)
wonne (won)
wooeing (wooing)
worre (ware)*
wowes (woos)
wrate (wrote)
writ (write)+
wroght (wrought)
wrongous (unjust)+
wroth (wrath)
ws (us)+

yeamen (yeomen)*
yeeld (yield)
yeelding (yielding)
yeere (year)
yowth (youth)