Abbreviation Title
EMI Every Man in his Humour
EMO Every Man out of his Humour
CR Cynthia's Revels
Poet Poetaster
Sej Sejanus
Volp Volpone, or the Fox
SW Epicoene, or the Silent Woman
Alch The Alchemist
Cat Catiline
Epig Epigrams
For The Forest
K.Ent The King's Entertainment
Pan A Panegyre
E.Althorp The Entertainment at Althorp
E.Highgate The Entertainment at Highgate
1Theob The Entertainment of the two Kings at Theobalds
2Theob An Entertainment of the King and Queen at Theobalds
Blackness The Masque of Blackness
Beauty The Masque of Beauty
Hym Hymenaei
Hadd.M The Haddington Masque
Queens The Masque of Queens
P.H.Barr The Speeches at Prince Henry's Barriers
Oberon Oberon, the Fairy Prince
LF Love Freed from Ignorance and Folly
LR Love Restored
Ch.Tilt A Challenge at Tilt
IM The Irish Masque at Court
MV Mercury Vindicated from the Alchemists at Court
TGAR The Golden Age Restored